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Compiling BeeWM Workflow Manager

Install Prerequisites

You need to have the prerequisites installed. Please check:

Check out Source Code

Make a checkout of the source code:

# Developers with read/write access do:
git clone ssh://

# Users with read access do:
git clone

Compile screeningBee

Set your Java path to Java version 8:

export JAVA_HOME="/usr/local/java-8-sun-jdk1.8"

Start the compile:

cd ./beewm
gradle build distTar -x test -x integrationTest

After a few seconds to minutes, you should see a success message similar to:


Total time: 34.635 secs

Running the tests

gradle build


gradle test

With issuing the normal maven build command maven will try to run all the tests, which can be time consuming and some of the test requires specific infrastructure setup like queueing system. But the majority of the tests should run through in their own.

gradle clean build test -x integrationTest

Test goal without integration tests will run all the test which should run without any external dependency.

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