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Deployment in STAGE

  • Place the built tar.gz file (which can be found in the bee-workflowmanager/target directory after successfully building the project) into the bee home. E.g.:
  • Extract the file. E.g.:
# ~/stage/bee> tar -zxvf bee-1.0-SNAPSHOT-r266.tar.gz
  • Copy the config files and the svn directory from the previous release into the etc folder:
# ~/stage/bee> cp bee-0.1.1/etc/* bee-0.2.0/etc/
# ~/stage/bee> cp -pr bee-0.1.1/etc/.svn bee-0.2.0/etc/

No need to do an SVN checkout / update

  • Do an svn status, and check what is there:
# ~/stage/bee/bee-0.2.0/etc> svn status
  • Remove unneeded skeleton files from the etc folder.
  • Commit new config changes
  • Point the current symlink to the new created directory. E.g.:
# ~/stage/bee> rm current
# ~/stage/bee> ln -s bee-1.0-SNAPSHOT-r266 current
  • Start the daemon:
# ~/stage/bee/current> java -Dforce-accept-ssl-certificate=true -jar bee.jar 
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