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Desktop Usage


Provide a desktop version of the Workflow Manager which allows easy installation and minimum requirements with the purpose of developing and testing workflows.

Workflow Manager Components

Cluster/Queueing System

No cluster/queueing system is necessary since the modules should always run by direct execution, i.e. by directly calling a script or executable instead of submitting one or several jobs to the queueing system.


No installation of a database server is necessary since this should be provided by the Workflow Manager application.


Support only for file system storage. That requires that the workflow input datasets are accessible on the local file system, and that the processing results are stored also locally.


They should be provided by the user and should be accessible. The path to the modules to run is set in the workflow.xml description, as usual.

User Interface

A small GUI should be provided to allow the following operations:

  • Select the user provided workflow
  • Select the user provided input datasets on the file system
  • Select a path where to store the processing results
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