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Installing Maven Integration for Eclipse

  • In Eclipse go to “Help / Install new Software..” menu.
  • Add a new Software Site by clicking to “Add..”
  • Select this new Software Site in the “Work With” drop-down box.
  • Install the last version (1.2.0.\*) of the m2e software: *Maven Integration for Eclipse* and *slf4j over logback logging*.

Checking out the Bee project from SVN

Checking out or updating the Bee project from SVN into Eclipse (**), should be enough to have an Eclipse “Maven-aware” project, since the *.project* and *.classpath* Eclipse configuration files have also been committed to the SVN.

Using Maven from Eclipse

  • Add the M2_REPO classpath variable by going to “Window / Preferences / Java / Build Path / Classpath Variables”:

e.g.: M2_REPO = /home/pujadas/.m2/repository

  • Run Maven commands by selecting the *pom.xml* file, right-clicking on the mouse and:
    • Select *Run As*. That will make the different Maven commands available.
    • Select *Maven*. This menu can also be reached by selecting the project.

Installing Maven

It should not be necessary to have Maven installed to run the Maven Eclipse Plugin.

  1. Download Maven 3.0.4 from
  2. Extract the downloaded file *apache-maven-3.0.4-bin.tar.gz*:

tar -zxvf apache-maven-3.0.4-bin.tar.gz

  1. Install Maven by following the instructions in


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