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The instructions at do not fit completely with the SF directory structure we have. So, I tried to extrapolate how it would be now, and I came to the following protocol:

# for Eva Pujadas, use:
ssh -t epujadas, create
# for Mario Emmenlauer, use:
ssh -t emmenlau, create

cd /home/project-web/screeningbee/

tar -xzvf dokuwiki-2012-10-13.tgz

rmdir htdocs
ln -s dokuwiki-2012-10-13 htdocs

chmod -R 777 htdocs/conf
chmod -R 777 htdocs/data 

Then run the install.php script to configure the site. It can be found in:

Afterwards, remove the install.php file:

rm htdocs/install.php

Email configuration

Enable in SourceForge project config “PRWebEmail”, and set a password for it. Documentation:

Download and manually install the swiftmail plugin:

mv splitbrain-dokuwiki-plugin-swiftmail-7b1e6ec swiftmail
mv swiftmail /home/project-web/screeningbee/htdocs/lib/plugins/
chmod -R g+rwX /home/project-web/screeningbee/htdocs/lib/plugins/swiftmail

Then configure swiftmail from the Dokuwiki admin pages. For me, SSL works. NOTE: It seems the email sending is limited to 1 email per 10 minutes.

Template Design

cd /home/project-web/screeningbee/htdocs/lib/tpl/
cp -pr dokuwiki screeningBee01/
cd /home/project-web/screeningbee/htdocs/lib/tpl/screeningBee01/

Add or edit the sidebar:

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