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Watchdog and User Notification

Automatic Restart or Email notification in case of daemon crash

A watchdog process could monitor the current status and responsiveness of the daemon. In case of crash or error, an email notification should be sent.

Note: A corresponding watchdog based on a shell script already exists.

Email notification for all possible error conditions


Email notification should be robust to exceptions and crashes, and should work based on logging classes. Newly added code should easily benefit from email notification without programming overhead.

Possible implementation:

  1. email notification handled by a standalone thread or process based on logfile parsing.
  2. email notification based on the logging library

Monitoring of All Resources and Notification

  1. Send error email if openBIS dropboxes fail to import datasets
  2. Send error email if openBIS dropboxes accumulate datasets
  3. Send error email if any storage share reaches critical fill state
  4. Send error email if iBRAIN2 dropbox accumulate datasets, which are not registered within N days
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