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Building the Web Client

The compilation process described in Compiling screeningBee Workflow Manager will compile also the webclient. Which can be found in the bee-webclient/target subdirectory.

Deploying the Web Client

java -jar target/webclient.jar 

Use the Web Client

open http://localhost:8080 in a browser

Testing without running Bee Daemon

wiremock is a nice tool to mock RestFull APIs ( the wiremock folder of webclient project contains some prerecorded test data, if you start up it from the wiremock folder with the following command: java -jar wiremock-1.30-standalone.jar –port 9999 then the webclient can access this fake rest interface through http://localhost:9999 which is the default configuration and you will be able to see some test data on the http://localhost:8080/status.xhtml page

Configure the Web Client

To override the default configuration you should provide a properties file with the new values and pass this file to the java vm in the following way:

java -Dbee.webclient.config=PATH_OF_THE_PROPERTIES_FILE -jar target/webclient.jar
Configuration Options
  • bee.daemon.baseurl = Base URL is the url of the daemons rest interface with the api version part, but without resources.For example http://localhost:9999/apiv1
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